Tuesday, November 23, 2010

can my past prevent me to have the perfect future ?

little info of me by me

I'm 18 born in the most beautiful and valuable shit whole in the word grew up in employe class family . my elementary school was public , others private .
after high school as i was told i had to leave my country to some where else to study and long story short , i ended up in malaysia a perfect place to travel but for study I'm not quite sure.
it has been 1 year that  i'm studying here and now at 24 of nov 2010 i thought that writing a stupid blog can maybe change your life by giving you a vision to see life just by reminding your self what experienced you had and what you want from yourself and.... just maybe

any how ,
first step , done
good for me

first thing first

i just planned to spend some times at night for blogging like other geeks out there, i think it would be interesting maybe sharing things about past , maybe future but that doesn't matter cause it's just me who reads this blog